Fees, terms & conditions

There are 4 different rates for the VSE 2017 Annual Conference, i.e. for VSE members (early bird rate and normal) and VSE non-members (early bird rate and normal). When you register, you will be guided through the steps. If you have any questions regarding your registration or payment, please do not hesitate to contact us at VSE2017@victimsupportni.org.uk

Conference Participation

  • Conference registration will be confirmed once the full registration and payment process has been completed;
  • Registered participants will receive written confirmation from the conference organiser;
  • The organiser reserves the right to deny conference access to any individual at any time;
  • Payments can be made by credit or debit card on our registration page.
  • The conference organiser holds no responsibility for individual medical, travel or personal insurance and all delegates are strongly advised to take out their own personal insurance before travelling to the conference. The organiser shall not accept any liability for damages and/or losses of any kind incurred by conference participants or by persons accompanying them during official activities.
  • Delegates participate in all events at their own risk. Participants are advised to take out insurance against loss, accidents or damage that may be incurred during the conference. Verbal agreements will not be binding unless they are confirmed in writing. Irish law is applicable.


Cancellation policy VSE 2017 Annual Conference

In case of cancellation the following charges apply:

Before 1 April 2017:                               free of charge

From 1 April to 8 May 2017:        50% of the total cost

From 8 May to 13 May 2017:       75% of the total cost

From 13 May 2017:                     100% of the total cost

You may reassign your registration to another person in order to avoid the cancellation penalty only if this is communicated in writing at VSE2017@victimsupportni.org.uk. It is the ultimate decision of the conference organiser whether or not a cancellation penalty will be applicable, and this cannot be disputed.

All cancellations and changes are only valid when in writing and confirmed by both parties. Any applicable refunds will be paid after the conference.

Please note that your hotel will have different cancellation policies. The no-show and cancellation policies of the hotel of your choosing are in all cases applicable. Please be sure to check with your hotel what their cancellation and no-show policy is. Participants book their hotel at their own risk, the organiser shall not accept any responsibility and/or liability for this.