Registration for the VSE Annual Conference ‘Victims of Crime: Rights, Needs & Responses will take place in the next two weeks.

For your information, there are 4 different registration rates, i.e. for VSE members (early bird rate and normal) and non-VSE members (early bird rate and normal).

Dinners are optional and costs of these are added to the conference fee. When you register, you will be guided through the steps. If you have any questions regarding your registration or payment, please do not hesitate to contact us via

Early bird (before 6th March 2017) Normal rate Pre-conference reception

(16th May)

Conference dinner

(17th May)

Post-conference dinner

(18th May)


VSE members € 225 € 275 FREE € 55 € 35
VSE non-members € 275 € 325 FREE € 55 € 35

Local taxes are included in above mentioned rates. The early bird rates are valid until 6th March 2017. After that date the normal rate will apply.

Details of workshops will be posted on the website in the coming weeks.